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Your business may benefit from the $20k instant asset write-off by end June 2018

There are two reasons why now is a great time of year to upgrade your company vehicles, your business machinery or business equipment.

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Builders who help you save on home energy costs - March 2017

Builders that deliver a comfortable, affordable & energy efficient home are surprisingly hard to find.

What are the rewards when you find one?

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Refinancing, tips & traps - November 2016

If you haven't had an independent Credit Advisor conduct a free, no-obligation review of your loans in the last two years, there's a good chance you could be paying more than you need to. 

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Many small business owners will be able to benefit from the $20,000 instant asset tax write-off on business equipment that will continue for at least another year.

The instant asset tax write-off can be a real benefit to small businesses that are planning on purchasing assets in the near future.

How can small businesses identify growth opportunities and use the tax write-off to their advantage?

If you don't have the cash-flow to make an asset purchase now, a business loan can help. Read the full article here.

Are you on top of your business cash flow? - March 2016

Don't wait until your finances are out of control before considering your business cash flow finance options. Make sure you always have money in your trading account by following these tips:

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Finance package rewards sustainable businesses - October 2015

Many established small businesses with finance facilities under $1m still carry unattractive loan pricing or inflexible terms.

Small businesses are valued members of our local communities, they have spent years improving the efficient management of their physical, human and natural capital - shouldn’t it be possible to recognise sustainable SME’s with more rewarding finance packages? 

For the full October 2015 article and conditions click here.

Solar Mortgage enables up-sized energy savings for smaller cost - September 2015

A Solar Mortgage finances both your home and rooftop solar PV.

It’s different because it also provides an additional grant (i.e. unrelated to government REC’s) that helps up-size your system, so you can enjoy increased energy savings for little or no extra cost.

If you live in a unit, you can use a Solar Mortgage grant to invest in your local community solar PV project and enjoy the returns.

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Unity Finance rewards GeoExchange Australia clients for doing "good" - August '15

In a world of rising debt and questionable values, wouldn't it be better if just a small portion of the billions borrowed for property each year rewarded "good" rather than "greed"?

Most people would agree with this sentiment - but what is “good”, and where are the financial rewards when it comes to sustainable homes or business premises? 

GeoExchange specialises in central air-conditioning & hot water systems that have cost savingsuperior energy performance.

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Green Homes Australia & Unity Finance... rewarding clients for choosing best practice in new home energy efficiency - July '15

For the new home buyer, the perception of energy efficiency compliance is usually a "warm & fuzzy" one.

However, new homes in Australia are actually poor performers on energy efficiency and Section J (2010) is now outdated by developed world standards, costing you hundreds every year in unnecessary in-home energy costs..

So, what (if anything) are Australian home builders and lenders doing to ensure you save on your in-home energy costs?

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