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Commercial finance... create a more agile business

When business owners choose to buy their business premises, it’s often the beginning of an introduction to many commercial finance products that they might use during the business life-cycle.

Like businesses, commercial finance solutions come in many varieties.

At Unity Finance, we provide the solutions that help you create a more agile business.

Like businesses, commercial finance products come in many different shapes and sizes, however the solutions provider should be helping the business owner to create a more agile and flexible business for the future.  

Buying business premises – long term benefits

Many small businesses prefer to rent rather than buy, for short-term cash flow reasons. However, there are a number of factors that can make buying your own business premises a more attractive option in the medium to long-term.

Once you own your business premises, having a great commercial interest rate is only one achievement. Having access to finance that can help upgrade things like lighting, interiors, energy source, equipment and business processes can also improve business productivity & cash flow.

Commercial property – equity and self-managed super funds

Many businesses these days have their own self-managed super funds (SMSF). Rather than invest in listed shares or property trusts, some of these businesses choose to invest their super funds in their own commercial property. The SMSF may also be able to borrow the remaining funds required to complete the commercial property purchase.

Where you already own the business premises, your SMSF might be purchasing the business premises from yourself, thereby releasing equity for re-investment in the business. Of course, you should always consult a licensed adviser about your SMSF investment strategy.

Commercial property – tax deductability

If the property financed by a commercial property loan is used entirely for business purposes, the interest charges on the loan may be wholly tax deductible - as are many maintenance charges and depreciation allowances. If the property is partially used for personal purposes, only a commensurate proportion of your interest and maintenance charges is tax deductible. Contact your accountant for advice on your own tax situation.

Commercial property – leveraging price growth

Over recent years, most metropolitan property prices have appreciated markedly. When this trend continues over the medium term, you might want to leverage that growth to help fund the improvement of other assets or purchase new investments.

Finance solutions – for all situations

At Unity Finance, we provide access to a comprehensive range of secured & unsecured finance solutions provided by banks, non-banks and fintechs that are available to businesses and investors with full doc, lo doc, limited recourse or project situations.

Contact us today for help creating a more agile business. 

 "more than 50 bank & non-bank lenders providing finance solutions for corporates "

Commercial & Residential Mortgages

  • Property purchase & refinance loans, SMSF loans, construction & development loans, Solar Mortgage, bridging finance, lo-doc loans, line of credit, mezzanine debt & equity finance.

Credit Enhancement

  • Bank guarantee, letter of credit, pre-sale gap cover, pre-lease gap cover.

Business & Non-Mortgage Loans

  • Business cash flow finance, trade finance, renovation / refurbishment loans.

Asset & Structured Finance

  • Finance & operating leases, commercial hire purchase agreement, chattel mortgage, structured finance.

Reward Eligibility – Corporates

Rewards* for corporates may range from $500 to $10,000 depending on the mortgage loan purpose, loan size, loan type, loan term, lender and applicant type. Approved Rewards are funded from lender paid commissions (i.e. where our service is at no cost to the borrower).

The following guidelines will help you assess loans that are eligible for a Reward.

  • Commercial mortgage loans > $500k, reward amount between 0.20% - 0.40% of the loan amount up to a maximum of $10k.
  • Unity Finance has absolute and ultimate discretion as to whether a reward will be paid.
  • Undrawn facilities, consumer or commercial leases, letters of credit, guarantees, credit enhancement products, trade finance, debtor finance, mezzanine / equity finance and project finance may be ineligible for rewards.
  • Loan to value ratio < 70%
  • Loan terms > 3 years.
  • Loans not on our panel lender list or non-resident applicants will be ineligible.
  • We will advise eligibility and acceptable purpose for a Reward prior to you making any formal loan application with Unity Finance.
  • For more information please see rewards.
  • Unity Finance does not engage in third line forcing.

* Unity Finance has absolute discretion over the approval of a Reward and its social / environmental purposes. We make no representations, warranties, offers or conditions concerning the proprietary nature or brand of product/s that the borrower may acquire with the assistance of a Reward.

“.. to be sure of eligibility for a Reward, simply check with us first.”

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