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"offering rewards to eligible mortgage clients who reduce their environmental impact."

In June 2018 the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy released the 2018 International Energy Efficiency Scorecard. 

It ranked Australia 18th out of the world's 25 largest energy users and the worst in the developed world.

We are providing product leadership in response to Australia's poor Energy Efficiency ranking. 

Solar Mortgage

  • A Unity Finance Solar Mortgage finances both your home and rooftop solar PV.
  • It’s different because it provides a money reward, unrelated to government REC’s, that can help up-size your new system so you can enjoy increased energy savings for little or no extra cost – see article here.
  • If you live in a unit, you can use a Reward to invest in your local community solar PV project and enjoy the returns - click here for examples of suitable community solar PV projects .


  • Make immediate energy savings, with little or no money down.
  • Use energy savings to make extra repayments and pay your mortgage off sooner.
  • Avoid the pitfalls & penalties associated with long term energy contracts.

"ask about our solar lease or rental... there are other ways we can help you save"

Rewards depend on the eligible residential or commercial mortgage loan size, loan type, lender, applicant type. An approved reward can be used for or given because of the following purposes.

    1. Renewable & clean energy systems.
      • solar PV,
      • energy storage,
      • co / tri-generation.

               2.  Water & Energy Efficiency projects.

      • 5 star instantaneous gas HWS,
      • heat pumps (i.e. ground & air-sourced),
      • water tanks,
      • solar HWS,
      • energy efficient lighting,
      • energy efficient motors,
      • thermal insulation,
      • green roofs,
      • reflective coatings,
      • solar responsive awnings,
      • window coverings & double glazing,
      • Sustainability & ESD Consultants costs.     

             3.  Energy & water saving advice, high environmental rated buildings and appliances.

      • highly rated home & office appliances,
      • high environmental ratings on residential buildings (i.e. > 6 star Nathers) & commercial buildings (i.e. > 4 star NABERS),
      • stand by power controls,
      • smart meters, and
      • sustainability assessments or energy audits by certified professionals.

             4.  Registered charities, reputable community projects or ethical investments.

      • choose to give the Reward to your preferred registered charity, reputable community project or ethical investment,
      • use the Reward to help build a Granny or Fonzi flat that provides affordable housing.                        

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